OpenTent LLC

OpenTent LLC

OpenTent LLC

At OpenTent, our passion is to "make work suck less." We work toward this for our clients by focusing on streamlining their work and data collection inside of Salesforce to make it easier for them to do their jobs and further their missions. We work towards this internally by offering Unlimited PTO, comprehensive health insurance, 401k match, and many other benefits, as well as bringing our best GIFs to slack and sharing time together for fun via company offsites.

We truly believe in building community through data, and we are committed to continuing to build an awesome team of folks who share that goal.  
Denver, Colorado, United States Denver, Colorado, United States

Company Information

Hi! We're OpenTent.
We are a boutique Salesforce consulting firm focusing on serving nonprofit organizations.

Salesforce and all its friends: configured to delight.
OpenTent supports and builds Salesforce implementations for purpose-driven teams (primarily nonprofit organizations). We bring people, processes, and platforms together through our customized consulting subscriptions.

Join us in our Denver office, or from wherever (we span five time zones).

Virtual tools. Real humans.
From Monday Tea + Toast to Deep Work Wednesdays to Thursday Happy Half Hour to Friday Hikes, each week we commit to learning, growing, and playing together at work. Our most frequently used Slack emoji is ๐ŸŽ‰.

Benefits with friends.
Our benefits and policies are anchored in the idea that if our team feels safe to bring their full self to work, together we will unlock new levels of professional and personal growth.

Company History

We started OpenTent six years ago because we saw the immense potential of new tech tools, and knew from lived experience that translating that potential into reality would be challenging for many organizations.

Today we partner with our clients to close that gap through Salesforce consulting, staff coaching, business process design, and holistic partnerships for the long haul.

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