Choosing the right CRM is an important decision for all companies, regardless of their size or where they are in their business lifecycle. Yet far too often, decisions are made without a thorough evaluation process having been completed. This is to ensure that the CRM they select is fit for purpose; not just in the short term, but can also adapt and scale in alignment with the company in the long term.

We strongly believe in self-organisation and the autonomy this brings for each individual: A way of working that distributes authority among all colleagues and in doing so, provides every member with the opportunity to continually develop their skills in the workplace – and in the outside world.  
Berlin, Berlin, Germany Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Company Information

EMPAUA is an international IT consulting company with offices in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, London, Madrid and Zurich that offers its customers services related to the Salesforce software. These include consulting, implementation, migration, development, employee training and managed services. EMPAUA does not have a traditional hierarchical structure, but distributes authority across roles and therefore ultimately to all employees, who work in a self-managed manner.

Our focus is on working with hyper-growth companies and supporting them to move to digital with Salesforce technology. We support businesses who are moving to Salesforce or are in the process of considering this powerful CRM.

We are 60+ team members with 100+ years of Salesforce experience between us. Furthermore, we are made up of entrepreneurs, founders, developers, lawyers and former ‘start-uppers’.

Company History

We are a European consultancy taking businesses to the next level with Salesforce solutions and implementations. Since our foundation in 2014, we have opened offices in Germany, the UK, Switzerland and Spain and built a solid successful track record in multi-cloud projects across industries, including as Financial Services, Real Estate, Transportation, Media, Health Care and more.

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