SevenPoints Consulting

SevenPoints Consulting is a vast cloud-computing platform; figuring out where to begin can be a daunting challenge. Our experienced team will help you define an implementation roadmap with goals and detailed requirements to get you to your desired destination.

We'll build your solution using our Agile-based development process with multiple prototype reviews during development.
We pride ourselves on our problem-solving ability using the platform and all its related applications.  
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States

Company Information

At SevenPoints Consulting, we are passionate about the transformative power of cloud-computing technologies and are convinced that many companies will move the majority of their business applications to cloud-based platforms over the next decade. SevenPoints was created to guide our customers to cloud technologies that are right for their businesses and to drive maximum value out of their cloud technology investments. SevenPoints is a implementation partner and experienced in delivering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and projects. Our certified Salesforce consultants and experienced delivery teams are experts at providing solutions that will drive your sales and support operations to new levels of excellence.