Morgan & Morgan, P.A..

Morgan & Morgan, P.A..

Morgan & Morgan, P.A..

Our Platform & Solutions Engineering team at Morgan & Morgan is passionate about using technology to provide the best possible client and employee experience. Our team of seasoned Salesforce professionals and Full Stack developers build cutting edge solutions to support a company of over 5,000 employees.  
Orlando, Florida, United States Orlando, Florida, United States

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Morgan & Morgan is the largest plaintiff injury law firm in the United States.

At Morgan & Morgan, we have been fighting for over 30 years for our clients who are victims of car accidents to get them the compensation and justice they are owed. After all, insurance companies tend to seek to minimize compensation. What can seem like a fair sum might fail to cover long-term medical costs, lost wages from missed work due to an accident, or delayed injuries or damages that weren’t accounted for in the original settlement amount, we’re experts at navigating the often confusing legal and insurance process.

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We have more than 800 trial-ready attorneys and thousands of capable support team members. Our attorneys are solely focused on a specific area of law, whereas other law firms act as a jack-of-all-trades. Our team is large and diverse, but our mission is singular: To deliver the best results for you and your family. Because when you hire us, we think about you, but we also think about all those who count on you.

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