Our candidate will be responsible for designing and building custom search pages for clients, and creating product demos for the company. As a foundational member of a growing sales organization, this candidate will work with our CRO to prepare strategic plans for increasing revenue and positioning KonaSearch as the leading search application for the Salesforce market.  
Somerville, Massachusetts, United States Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

Company Information

KonaSearch is an advanced search platform for Salesforce®

  • Search any data, document, and source without leaving Salesforce
  • Deep search of objects and documents together for better relevancy
  • Matching engine for best-fit analysis
  • Automating processes through lights-out search
Our customers, like recruiters, self-service support departments, and large sales organizations, all find their information faster so they can spend less time searching and more time doing their jobs. An AI-driven natural language search and matching app that searches every field, object and file in Salesforce and other data sources like SharePoint & databases, all from the same index and at any size. It automatically resolves users, roles, role hierarchies, profiles, permission sets, and sharing rules. Because it does this inside the index, you always get accurate result counts and facets with no limits. Further, our index is fully encrypted, authenticated, and secured in a virtual private cloud.

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