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Executive Director, Enrollment Technology

Marion, United States

Last Updated: 17/9/23

Job Description

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall technology ecosystem which supports the nontraditional enrollment operation, specifically Salesforce, associated technologies, and the underlying data infrastructure. This position entails significant internal account management, business needs analysis, and business-process-improvement consulting for technology systems and data, with the aim to optimize enrollment and partnerships efforts.

This position supervises all full-time and part-time Salesforce team members. Further, the position oversees all external consultants supportive of enrollment technologies. Last, the position has an indirect supervisory relationship with assigned University Information Technology personnel who support enrollment technology efforts from time to time.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Team & Culture
    • Develops a high-performance team and culture that models the posture and values of N&G
    • Advances a culture of mutual accountability that ensures the optimal performance of the enrollment technology and customer service efforts
    • Encourages innovative and creative thinking, planning, and execution
    • Establishes a leadership development pipeline to sustain and advance operations
  • Technology Leadership
    • Leads the team and strategy for enrollment technologies, with specific attention to Salesforce (e.g., Marketing Cloud, Admission and Recruitment, and Student Success Hub), associated tools (e.g., Mogli, Five9, etc.), and underlying data infrastructure
    • Manages the development and advancement of a comprehensive technology platform to provide an efficient and scalable enrollment infrastructure
    • Aligns the technology with the student enrollment, alternative enrollment pipeline, and affinity-based partnership efforts. Remains current with Salesforce best practices and technologies, which will support N&G’s growth and objectives
  • Product Development Lifecycle
    • Leads the product development lifecycle for the enrollment technology stack
      • Prioritization
        • Leads the prioritization process for enrollment technologies in consultation with the VPSEP
        • Collaborates with the Salesforce Governance Team, N&G and university departments, and key leaders to coordinate technology efforts, knowledge documentation, interdependencies, and timelines, as to maintain the strategic direction and design principles for the technology ecosystem
      • Planning
        • Ensures the development and implementation of structured project plans to support new and enhanced systems and features
        • Manages caseload and project assignments and escalates as deemed necessary
      • Development
        • Oversees the development of new and enhanced systems and features in coordination with University Information Technology and external consultants
        • Facilitates design reviews and communication with internal and external teams
      • Testing
        • Ensures a rigorous quality assurance (i.e., testing) process before full-scale deployment with end-users
      • Documentation
        • Ensures all deployments entail proper documentation and communication
      • Deployment
        • Ensures the timely release of new and enhanced features and systems
  • Data & Reporting
    • Collaborates with the VPSEP and peers to identify key performance indicators and metrics for the enrollment and partnership efforts
    • Ensures the design, development, delivery, and maintenance of dashboards, reports, and other analytical tools within the enrollment technology ecosystem
    • Ensures data integrity within these systems
    • Coordinates data integration efforts with University Information Technology and Marketing
  • Security
    • In coordination with University Information Technology, ensures the security of enrollment technologies
    • Defines roles, groups, profiles, permission sets, and field-level security
    • Oversees all account management activities
    • Conducts periodic security audits on the enrollment technology systems
  • Training
    • Collaborates with the enrollment training team to ensure the development and distribution of training experiences for N&G personnel utilizing the enrollment technology stack
  • Other responsibilities as assigned
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